Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Promart, Grange over Sands

The first Promart event took place about 5 years ago to realise the dream of Robert Leach (no relation - different spelling!), our mayor at the time. Robert was inspired by seeing art displayed in the open air by the banks of the Seine in Paris. He wouldn't be deterred by people pointing out that although Grange is lovingly referred to as the Lake District Riviera, we all know its not quite Paris.

My set of black and white greetings cards -
trees and landscapes plus one of Another Place, the Anthony Gormley installation at Crosby, Liverpool 
I designed posters and leaflets for the event, and rented a space for the day, as did about 30 other artists. It was a great opportunity to show my watercolour paintings, chat with people and meet other artists. The day proved a success, the visitors all enjoying a fine day out in Grange and a pleasant walk along the prom despite the final half hour being washed out by a sudden rainstorm! Promart has now become a feature of Grange one the last Sunday of each month from April to September.

This year I decided to show my photographs at all 6 of the Promart events. The fair takes place on the final Sunday of each month, last Sunday marking the half way point, three Sundays left including the final event for 2011 on the 25th September. I'm displaying my black and white landscape photographs including a set of postcards and greetings cards.
Set of 8 black and white landscape postcards featuring Grange over Sands and the Lake District
The set includes Cyborg Kiss, my portrait of the Lloyds Building in London
A constant stream of people walked along the prom, enjoying the variety of the displays and chatting with the stall holders. I finally met Sara from The Tinner's Rabbit gallery in Ulverston, and pleased to say she has taken a full set of my postcards for the gallery.

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