Friday, 15 July 2011

Always carry your camera with you...

I'll keep this one brief.

Photography is full of well meaning advice, but that one is about as useful as being told never to run with scissors in your hand. Its just someone being smart after the event.

Although I usually make a point of taking my camera with me when going out for walks, there are times when I enjoy leaving it behind. I get that wonderful sense of freedom. Yes, countless shots come at me from all directions, but so what? Yup, leave the camera at home and I guarantee that Krawatoa will erupt, and just watch as those vildebeeste swarm by - but lets face it, had you had the camera to hand you'd no doubt be so focused photographing a bumble bee hovering on a piece of clover that you'd have missed all these other things anyway.

There are times when I see more for not having a camera weighing on my mind - so hopefully increases my awareness for the next venture...

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  1. Amen. It's also nice to give your loved ones a break every once in a while.