Monday, 8 August 2011

France 2011

Ah, the chance to get away from it all, have a quiet couple of weeks in France without a care in the world, and make up each day as we went along. Photography and painting were core activities and I will be adding a few pages to the blog when I get chance. So far I've processed a handful of photos but will keep this post short, dedicated to the American Cemetery at Omaha.

The scale of the cemetery seems endless, almost 10,000 soldiers are buried there. I've no idea how long our visit lasted, time stood still. Slowly walking among the graves - taking photos, sitting quietly - observing, reflecting. On one level, it is an amazing and beautiful site. The precision of the layout, the attention to detail and the immaculate tending by the small group of gardeners. On another level there's an ugliness (not the right word) that I can't escape. A powerful and moving experience, emotional, yet peaceful, very peaceful.

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  1. I really like that last one and look forward to seeing more.