Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Jersey, The Channel Islands, 2011

Well you know what its like, 5:30am in a hotel room where you can't get the temperature right and its not your pillow, but ridiculously tired so know that if I don't get back to sleep I'll be zombied all day tomorrow.  A chance to upload a few photos I took last night on my way back to the hotel from work. Its not a long walk, it took about 30 seconds in the pouring rain the night before - just long enough to get soaked to the bone it was raining so hard. But last night was the first chance I've had to get out with my tripod and take some shots of the buildings.

Here's one of the front of the Jersey International Business School where I'm working this week. It would be nice to use this in the prospectus for the following year, though that Jersey Marathon sign in the foreground is a potential problem. Maybe something photoshop could take a look at - its just a little high in the frame to be covered by a text box which will be placed on the page.

Jersey International Business School
3 seconds ƒ14
A short walk across the boole park, the Royal Yacht Hotel with its distinctive lighting.

The Royal Yacht Hotel, Jersey
I can't remember and too tired to look up the exif, but I think this one was about 15 secs ƒ14
This next one is about 5 images combined in photoshop. The exposure was too short to get enough car lights, but using layer modes makes it easy to combine the lights from different shots all taken from the same locked tripod.
Crossing, Jersey
One of the cars must have been changing lanes, giving a nice swirling streak.

I'm staying at the Pomme D'Or - nice food!

Pomme D'Or Hotel, Jersey
The sky colour had gone by this shot, but I like the canopy so worth taking.

And a few in daylight. 

Roof, Jersey
Not a shot that the tourist board would commission, but the obvious textures and distant dockside development was irresistible.

This final shot is a building that I photographed last December but struggled to get anything worthwhile. On my walkabout on Sunday the bright sun created a streak of light which crosses the yellow line by the side of the road. My original intention was to go starker, but the balance on this version seemed about right, keeping some of the surrounding texture.

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